Member Lapel Pin

At the commencement of its 2017-2018 membership year, BHCCLSA began a new tradition of honoring each member’s contributions to the association and LSI® with a lapel pin featuring our new logo.
As the member participates in association activities, their pin will be embellished with Swarovski crystals; each color signifying a different role in the association and LSI®.

Each crystal’s color (left to right) indicates by color the members' accomplishment:


  • Dark Sapphire - Present or Past President of BHCCLSA

  • Light Sapphire - Present or Past Board Member or Committee Chair of BHCCLSA

  • Crystal - California Certified Legal Secretary (CCLS)

  • Blue Sapphire - Member of any LSI Legal Specialization Section

  • Aquamarine - Present or Past Service in any LSI Position